Importance of nutritional therapy

nutritionNutritional therapy is built on the nutritional needs of the body and the processes of convalescence. We dedicate nutritional therapy to assist curing as part of the therapy…


Improving the nutritional condition contributes to convalescence, reduces the proportion of complications and mortality.

By beginning the application of our specialized nutritional products in due time and by making nutritional therapy a part of the medical treatment, medical professionals can significantly improve the efficacy of treatment.

Nutritional therapy is also proven to be cost-effective. Shortening the length of hospital stay, decreasing the amount of medicine used and encouraging the independence of the patient all contribute to cost-cutting at all levels of medical care.


The aim of nutritional therapy

Patients with various pathographies have various nutritional needs which cannot always be matched by traditional nutrition.

Acute and chronic diseases, operations or weakened conditions can modify the nutritional needs and may also lead to the deficiency of certain nutrients. The loss of appetite may worsen their condition, therefore the efficiency of treatment decreases and the number of complications increase.

We are in favour of prevention. We see nutrition as a simple to implement, targeted and efficient therapy.

With our wide range of products, our aim is to support patient compliance and thus to efficiently meet patients’ needs by providing the appropriate nutrients.

We approach nutrition from the aspect of needs and intake. This is also supported by the target cross appearing on our products which helps to create a nutritional therapy tailored individually.