Who we are…

aboutNutricia has been the pioneer of Advanced Medical Nutrition in Europe, and is rapidly expanding its services for patients across the world. Nutricia focuses exclusively on research-based scientifically-proven nutrition, developed to meet the needs of patients and individuals for whom a normal diet is not sufficient or possible.


Our mission

Our aim is to make nutritional therapy an integral part of disease management and to contribute to the efficiency of treatment and improve the clinical outcome with our products developed for various therapies. In order that every patient receives the nutritional therapy that meets their needs, apart from nutrition, we also provide appliances that help nutrition as well as professional home care, over-the-phone diet counselling and continuous professional training.


Unique product range

Our unique product range is designed to give health care professionals the scope to select nutritional options that are accurately targeted to support specific management regimes and to enhance patient recovery. Many of these products are oral nutrition – designed to support patients who are able to consume normally. But for those who cannot eat unaided – in hospitals, longterm care and hospice environments – we market a range of special enteral nutrition products and delivery systems. In most cases, these products are essential to a patient’s quality of life. For some, they are necessary to survival.

We focus always on developing products grounded in science and with proven efficacy, using clinical trials and working in partnership with the best in each specialised field of our activities. We also work with hospitals and institutions to understand and further develop the health economic aspects of our business, and the many cost-benefits that flow from better nutritional support of patients.